Join Me at Non-Boring History

As should be pretty obvious, I haven’t done a great job of keeping up this blog. There’s a good reason: It’s hard to keep writing into a void, fed only by few anonymous “likes”. Mostly, my work is speaking to excited audiences, often about my writing, and the blog has felt like speaking to an empty room. I love writing, but professional writers should not be expected to write for some higher purpose.

And, as I used to tell my college students, if you slouch silently, you’ll get the lecture you deserve: If I’m entertaining, it’s because I feed off your energy.
This blog format hasn’t allowed me to feed from your energy, dear reader. Most of you aren’t interested in leaving public comments, and I respect that, but it’s hard to know who is out there, and how I can connect with you.

This, in short, is why I am so very pleased with Non-Boring History, my new Substack newsletter for adults, which I launched in April. The response has been rapt enthusiasm, and I am energized.

Here’s what I have wanted to write all along: Entertaining, honest, genuine, long-form journalism that’s also short-form history. Writing in my authentic voice, and guaranteed an interested audience. I  haven’t yet started writing the fierce opinion pieces you see here, but that’s coming.

Meanwhile, expect a new and authentic tone, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes serious, and always geared to connecting with you. Take a look around, then sign up. Paid subscriptions get you everything I produce, while free subscriptions get you much of it. There’s a sign-up form above or, if that doesn’t work on your device, simply visit: and drop in your email. I look forward to meeting you, at last.

P.S. If you have read this far, do know that a new is on its way! Thanks to a grant from Dane Arts, I will be able to replace this shambolic design with a great new look by a professional designer. Rest assured, all the words will still be mine.

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