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Annette's Snipesville Chronicles Books are Used in Schools as

  • Read-Alouds
  • Class Reads
  • Classroom Libraries
  • Book Club Selections

My Snipesville Chronicles novels are written to be entertaining and thought-provoking, and to connect the past to my readers' lives in the present. I don't talk down to my audience, and I don't shy away from dealing with tough topics like race, class, and gender, while avoiding telling my readers what to think. Teachers use them successfully in a variety of ways, for example:

A 4th grade read-aloud that led to a great discussion of racism in Tonya Janicke's class in Rock Hill, SC

A text for Brian Markwald's 7th grade economics class at University School of Milwaukee, immersing readers in the 19th century Industrial Revolution they were studying.

A whole-class read in Jessica Johnson's 5th grade classroom in rural South Carolina. Even kids reading below grade level enjoyed Don't Know Where, Don't Know When so much, they kept reading!

Media Specialist Kristi Craven's 5th grade book club at Liberty Elementary in Georgia: They loved Don't Know Where, Don't Know When and voted to read A Different Day, A Different Destiny

For the past four years, field trip fees have purchased signed copies of my books for each of 100 sixth graders at Thomas County Middle School. Parents seldom buy books for author visits after elementary school, so this is a great idea to keep students engaged in books and reading.

Photo: Marie Thomas

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