Dusty Books

Signed Copies of Annette's Books for Avid Readers

"Dusty Snipes Gres is a retired librarian in Georgia, and a fan of The Snipesville Chronicles. What's more, her family founded the REAL Snipesville, Georgia.

Dusty had heard my frustration that so few kids in the Title I schools I visit are able to take home signed copies of my books. In 2018, she sent me a check and her plan: Teachers would be asked to select kids who were avid readers and who likely would not take home a signed book without help. No other criteria applied, she insisted (and I agree wholeheartedly): Kids don't have to be well-behaved or "good" students (personally, I was neither). Just readers in need.

In 2019, I named the program "Dusty Books" in Dusty's honor, and turned to my supporters to ask if anyone would like to kick in a few bucks each to help me cover costs. Those who responded (bless you!) come from many walks of life, including those who are teachers, librarians, or simply fans of my books. They include a retired history professor (Cita Cook), the State Librarian of Georgia (Julie Walker), the President of Georgia Humanities (Laura McCarty), an expert on kids' books in social studies education (JoAnn Wood) and even a Civil Rights heroine (Freedom Rider Joan Browning), who has been an especially generous benefactor. All of us would agree, I think, that this program isn't any kind of solution to inequality among children, but it's something that we can do. In only our second year, we have sent more than 90 kids home from my school visits with a free signed book each. Here are some of them. Dusty Books means a lot to them, and to me. Thank you, Dusty and all."

Each Dusty Book includes a bookplate, with the sponsor's name added in the center.

In 2019, more than 90 kids in the schools Annette visited took home a signed Dusty Book, thanks to kind sponsors.

Thank You to Dusty Book Sponsors, 2019

Dusty Gres (Founder)
Joan C. Browning (Patron)
Chad Crews
Dr. Cita Cook
Patty Guess Hall
Jack and Joyce Howard
Jeff Imparato
Sarah Madaris
Joan Mansson
Laura McCarty
Julie McCracken
Kathy Pillatzki
Kate Theobald
VN Enterprises, LLC
Julie White Walker
​James and Tina Whittle
Ashley Williams
​JoAnn Wood
Norris Wootton
Carrie Zeiger


Some of the Winners of Dusty Books, 2018-19

Annette Laing

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