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About Annette

Historian, Writer, Presenter

Annette Laing is a former professor of early American history, who now writes for and presents to the public, entertaining and enlightening the broadest of audiences through her Non-Boring History newsletter, presentations, and time-travel novels. Annette, who holds a doctorate from the University of California, Riverside, in early American and British history, is also a noted scholar of 18th century African-American religious culture.

Annette's Books:

​The Snipesville Chronicles
Immersive Time-Travel Novels That Make Readers Laugh, Cry, and Think

"Clever and charming time-travel adventure" (Kirkus Reviews) Annette Laing's entertaining, offbeat, and inclusive novels about three reluctant young time-travelers from 21st century America make thought-provoking connections between past and present with humor and empathy. Bringing complex and diverse characters into honest encounters with the past, The Snipesville Chronicles speak to right now.

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Schools, Keynotes, Teachers, Zoom/Video

Annette Laing began working with young audiences in 2003. Her engaging, playful (and even joyous!) presentations encourage upper elementary and middle school students to develop their own passions. Like her books, Annette's costumed programs reflect the nuance and inclusivity of academic history, a body of work that speaks to everyone and yet (ironically) is seldom accessible to non-historians. Annette makes complex ideas not only understandable, but thoroughly engaging, for kids as young as 8.

And yes, Annette talks to adults! After more than 15 years of working with kids and teens, Annette also has much to say about social studies education. Professional Development for Teachers, Keynotes, Presentations to Community Groups and Book Clubs, and even chatting one-to-one at conventions and festivals with teachers, librarians, and the public, are all part of Annette Laing's mission to engage everyone in history and historical thinking.

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